The Urban Worm is on a mission to #wormup the country, and we need your help.

You build your own worm farm, we'll send you the worms

With support from The National Lottery Reaching Communities Fund we have 1000 packs of 100g of Tiger Worms (Eisenia Fetida) to gift to you.

We hate to think of valuable worm food being thrown in the bin when there are millions of hungry worm mouths to feed. Not only do the mighty worms help us to manage our organic waste responsibly, they provide us with a steady supply of the world’s finest fertiliser and compost, for free, helping us to grow in harmony with the earth.

All we ask in return is that you love and care for your worms as if your life depended upon it; we would love for you to share a photograph of you (if you’re not camera shy) and your DIY worm farm for our 1000 Worm Farmers gallery.

We have made a series of videos to help you build a comfortable home for your worms, that won’t cost the earth (literally).

We look forward to seeing your worm farm - sign up by clicking the 'Apply Here' button below the videos.


Remember - no cheating! We can only supply home-made worm farms

Video Guides

DIY Worm Farm Instructions

Become One In A Thousand

To apply to be one of our power team of 1000 Worm Farmers simply fill out your request with our online form, by clicking the button below. Then upload a picture of your DIY worm farm and we will have your worms shipped out to their new loving home!

World Atlas of Urban Worm Farmers

Have you joined the worm farming revolution yet? Get yourself on the map! Click on the map to head to our interactive page and find out where all our vermiculture heroes are based.
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