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The Urban Worm CIC is a social enterprise committed to raising the profile of worm farming as the ecological and economical solution for organic waste management and organic agriculture. We support schools, communities, businesses, farmers and families harnessing the power of the humble earthworm to build the foundations for food production to flourish, and for societies to thrive in the face of adversity.

Worms are more powerful than the African elephant and more important to the economy than the cow.


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Bringing the magic and joy of worm farming to you.

Whether you are hosting a community event or a workplace CPD we can tailor the perfect worm farming session for you. Since establishing The Urban Worm we have delivered workshops to over 3000 people from school children to international business leaders; we were born to share the love of worms with you.

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Worm Farming FAQ

Not sure where to start? Already started and got stuck? The Urban Worm’s FAQ, based on discussions we have had with aspiring and new worm farmers around the world, available here at the click of a button.


The Urban Worm Illustrated Guides


Why We Need Worm Farming


Why Plants Love Worm Manure


How To Set Up A Mini Worm Farm


How To Set Up A Wheelie Bin Worm Farm

There is no god dare wrong a worm.

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