Worms In The Time Of Coronavirus

by Anna de la Vega

The earthworm is symbolically representative of regeneration, rebirth and renewal; transforming decay and death for new life to flourish, which could not be more appropriate at this time.  Life as we know it has been put on hold and turned upside down.

The Bowl of Hygieia is one of the most ancient and important symbols related to medicine in western countries. Hygieia was the Greek goddess of health & hygiene, and was invoked, along with her father Asclepius and Panacea, in the original Hippocratic Oath.


Despite anticipating an apocalyptic scenario for some years, as what was before was certainly not sustainable by any stretch of the imagination, I just didn’t know what it would look like, and in truth it didn’t look like a pandemic with nearly half the world’s population under house arrest.  But here we are, and ironically this month we we’re due to start EU funded worm farming projects in Nottingham HMP, Ranby HMP and Deerbolt HMP, delivering horticultural qualifications and supplying surrounding farms with worm manure to nourish the land and our communities.

Whilst this project is postponed, we are grateful to be able to continue to supply our customers, bringing worms, and peace, to the people during these challenging times.  

Life is sacred, and by bringing the process of worm farming into our lives we are directly connecting with the divine and building the foundations for the sovereignty of our health. And the topic of health could not be more relevant during these unprecedented times. 

The Urban Worm was established on the principle of sovereignty, in resistance to the corporate hijacking of our land, our seeds, our health, and ultimately our freedom.  The corporations manufacturing poisonous agrochemicals and genetically modified seeds are the very same corporations manufacturing pharmaceuticals, supplying the ‘health’ industry.  Ultimate health is not the agenda here, it is, and always has been about profit, not the people. The pharmaceutical industry was founded by America’s first billionaire and oil tycoon John D Rockefeller after discovering pharmaceuticals could be manufactured from oil. Rockefeller proceeded to strategically fund universities and hospitals, eradicating natural healing from the curriculum, and wiping out the competition. As a society we tend to suffer from short memory syndrome and accept the new normal incredibly quickly.  

There has never been a greater urgency to reclaim the sovereignty of our health. The greatest defence against disease is a strong immune system, and a strong immune system is built by nourishing our bodies with food that has been grown in healthy soil.  Whilst we may not all have the privilege of a garden to grow our own food, we can start by supporting local organic farmers, or by growing some medicinal herbs on a windowsill, and of course growing our food in worm manure super charges its nutritional benefits.  

Let us use this time to educate ourselves on true health and research the origins of the organisations who claim to be acting in our best interests. Knowledge is power.

To end with a little reminder from uncle Hippocrates, the founder of true medicine:

Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.


Worms & Peace