30 Litre Homemade Mini Worm Farm with Worm Voucher


The perfect worm farm kit to get you started on your worm farming journey.

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The perfect gift for your ecologically conscious loved ones, and ideal for tiny spaces, indoor and out.

Includes; 30 litre upcycled container, manure starter bedding, shredded paper, 1 x voucher for 200g of tiger worms (Eisenia fetida), 1 x tap, 1 x drainage tray and legs.

Drainage tray and legs are made from repurposed plastic corrugatedĀ  ‘For Sale’ signs.

Container dimensions 37cm (w) x 40cm (h).

We no longer have any blue in stock, we currently have green or white buckets so please state which you prefer in the notes.

Please prepare a small handful of veg peelings as your worms will be peckish after their journey.

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