Waga Worms

By Anna de la Vega Whilst as individuals we can certainly address our own personal household waste, the hospitability industry is another mountain to climb, and we are beyond thrilled to be working in partnership with Urban Planters Ltd & McArthurGlen Designer Outlet West Midlands Read the full article here >    

Dollar Academy

By Anna de la Vega Situated in 70 acres near the picturesque market town of Dollar, Clackmannanshire in central Scotland, Dollar Academy is home to 1,300 pupils aged 5-18, and 12,000 Tiger worms. Read the full article here >    

The Small Things

By Anna de la Vega A changing climate, lifeless soil, endless costly synthetic inputs, fragile global markets and the desire for perfectly shaped produce presents a mountain of obstacles for our farmers. There are however remedies to these tribulations, and the Soil Food Web holds the answer. Read the full article here >    

Love & Compost

By Anna de la Vega Whilst the practical outcomes of community composting are evident, it is the demonstrative power of the collective, sharing resources to seed the foundations for new life to spring. Collaboration and cohesion could not be more important during these troubling and uncertain times we find ourselves in. Read the full article here >    

We Are Sovereign

By Anna de la Vega Life is sacred, and by bringing the process of worm farming into our lives we are directly connecting with the divine and building the foundations for the sovereignty of our health. And the topic of health could not be more relevant during these unprecedented times.  Read the full article here >  

Don’t Believe The Hype

By Anna de la Vega In case you happened to miss the hype, hydroponic farming is now the hippest technology heralded to save humanity from starvation – but everything comes at a price, and it’s a big price to pay. Hydroponics replaces sunlight and soil with LED lighting, AI technology, lots of plastic, lots of chemicals and lots of cash. … Read More

Magic Mircobes

By Anna de la Vega Despite being relatively unknown in the United Kingdom, Effective- Microorganisms (EM1) Technology is being used in 103 countries, revolutionising industry worldwide and contributing to progress in environmental management, agriculture and human health. Read the full article here >  

The Farmers Will Save Us

By Anna de la Vega Anyone who has had the pleasure of reading Kristin Ohlson’s wonderfully inspiring book The Soil Will Save Us will understand firstly that there is hope – reversing catastrophic climate change is possible; and secondly that ultimately it is the farmers that hold the power to save us: the ‘stewards’ of the soil. Read the full … Read More

Worms & Peace

By Anna de la Vega The history of synthetic fertiliser is laden with suffering, its invention prolonged wars, and it is responsible for the destruction of the living soil that sustains us. Anna explores the relationship between the development of synthetic agrochemicals and the history of modern warfare: war on humanity, and war on all living organisms. We will have no … Read More

Productivity & Prosperity

By Anna de la Vega Whilst western governments, and especially the UK, have neglected to make themselves aware or even recognise the potential of vermiculture as a significant contributor to food security and soil health the government of the Philippines is going so far as to financially supporting the industry. Anna recently visited the South East Asian archipelago to discover … Read More

¡Viva La Lombricultura!

By Anna de la Vega Cuba’s worm farming revolution is not as well known as her political one. Often heralded as a nation that has already survived a peak oil crisis, by necessity Cuba has come to be known as a global leader in the organic movement. Worm farming played a key role in that remarkable story. Whilst undertaking my … Read More

What Is Worm Farming?

By Anna de la Vega Worm farming, otherwise known as vermiculture (vermis from the Latin for worm) is the process of harnessing earthworms to convert organic waste into the world’s most nutrient-rich fertiliser; worm manure. Worm manure – also worm castings or vermicompost – is teeming with minerals, nutrients and beneficial micro-organisms essential for healthy plant growth, root development and … Read More

The Good Life In Cuba

By Anna de la Vega Jose Casimiro, the legend of permaculture in Cuba, has created a blueprint for low impact self sufficiency, and naturally he has lots of worms. Founded upon the principles of cooperation, community and care for the land, the 24 acre farm located a few miles from Sancti Spiritus provides a powerful insight into the potential for off grid … Read More

School of Worms

By Anna de la Vega Teaching our children the value of the earth, and thus the earthworm, could never be more vital. Earthworms are the best teachers, and the integration of worm farms into education serves not only as a tool for curriculum enrichment, it connects our children to the cycle of life, where our food comes from, and more vitally … Read More

Artisan Zoo Doo

By Anna de la Vega Zoos in the UK should be cashing in on the ‘zoo doo’ and harnessing the power of the earthworm. A zoo is the organic gardener and worm farmer’s dream, supplying a steady mountain of nutrient-rich exotic manure, and Seattle’s Woodland Park Zoo is cashing in on the custom. Read the full article here >  

All Power to the Worm

By Anna de la Vega The humble yet mighty powerful earthworm has never quite received the due respect, recognition and adoration it so deserves, until now.  Darwin heralded the earthworm with the upmost importance and famously said “worms are more powerful than the African Elephant and are more important to the economy than the cow” – much to the amusement … Read More