(number five won’t surprise you)

by Anna de la Vega


After a long and emotional relationship we are finally saying goodbye to the world of social media: it was great while it lasted but the time has come to step away.  There is no denying that these platforms played a significant role is establishing The Urban Worm, and we are eternally grateful to our followers for sticking with us down the years.

The decision to come away from the socials was not taken lightly, as it certainly comes with its risks, but continuing to participate with the destructive machine is not in line with the philosophy of The Urban Worm.

1. Time Wasting

The average person spends 2.5 hours a day on social media, enough time to learn a language in a year. We don’t want to be part of the reason to keep people scrolling, we want people to be lapping up the fresh air and walking around with their head held high or their hands in a bucket of good compost. Providing content for users (and advertisers) keeps the tread mill moving, we want it to stop.

2. Mental Health

Not only does social media present us with a false sense of reality, and a barrage of advertising, it is rife with bullying and groupthink. An opinion that strays away from the mainstream narrative is vilified, undermining freedom of speech and the ability to think objectively.

3. Pollution

Dependency on electrical devices is driving ecological destruction. The mining of gold, cobalt and lithium is essential for manufacturing smart phones and laptops and social media plays into the industry.

4. Dystopia

The Metaverse. This is a biggie, and the principal reason to move away from social media for us is the virtual reality dystopia. Founder of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg thinks we are all going to be living in this Metaverse soon enough: let’s make sure he’s wrong. The Metaverse is the creation of an egomaniac who thinks technology can eliminate the sanctity of life. Nature and human connection is the highest form of being, and the concept of living in an augmented reality is in our opinion anti-life, anti-human. Our world is gorgeous and there is enough beauty to be found in 1000 lifetimes.

5. We’re Busy

We are in the business of worms, we are not a media production company. Keeping up to date with the latest formats, and working the algorithm to reach our followers is something we simply don’t have time for, we are busy getting on with what we do best. We have absolute admiration for those that manage to juggle everything; we can’t.

Although we will no longer be posting on the socials we want to stay connected.

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Worms & Peace