5* Worm Hotel  


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25th October 2018 1:22 pm  

Can I just say that me and my thousand plus tiger worms are still loving life a full three months since we began this journey together in the summer.

Your kit has changed all of our lives. My worms originally arrived in a big awkward squirm inside a small but functional box, and now they live their life to the fullest. The modest worm existence is a thing of the past.

They have the full run of the wheelie bin (which you kindly installed for me) and they now spend their sweet, sweet days writhing around in the manure coir mix, making beautiful babies and eating avocados (other organic matter is provided, of course). 

The kit itself is amazing and of outstanding quality. I’ve recommended it to people locally to me, and I believe some of them have contacted you. Result. 

Because, honestly, I couldn’t recommend it highly enough. 

Thank you for showing me the way to worm farming enlightenment. Together we will help save the planet. 

And thank you for the knowledge. I take pride in my wealth worm facts and trivia these days.