💕Valentine's edition 2024

Dear Friends

Welcome friends to February’s edition of New Worm Order News, thank you as ever for staying with us as we look forward to Spring

We’re not sure about you but we are totally feeling the new world coming through big time: big big time - the good times are coming friends! Astrologically we are now in the age of Aquarius where community and grassroots movements will replace the old order of global corporate domination. We have certainly been dragged through the mire in recent years, testing our mental and physical health, but we are still here, and its nearly spring so hold on just a little bit longer.

New Worm Service

The worms take a rest stop while on tour
The winter won’t stop the worms, although in truth, they do slow down and don’t quite perform at optimal sunshine levels (neither do we). But we’ve all been brave little soldiers and once again battled the Cumbrian winter rain. We do love The Lakes, but note to self - never again moan about a mere mizzle in the Midlands.
Westmorland Farmshop & Kitchen website:
Tebay Services
The Master Composters & Team Tebay set up the motorway service worm farm
If we do say so ourselves we are pretty proud to share that Tebay North Services, one of fanciest service stations that we ever have seen, more of a destination than a service station, is now the proud owner a Wheelie Bin Worm Farm. The Westmorland Family are on the ball, with Tebay North currently running a Ridan Compost system managing a proportion of the waste and we’ve introduced the worms for a further upgrade. If you happen to swing by check out Tebay North’s Wheelie Bin Worm Farm. We also had the added joy of being joined by a team of Garden Organics Master Composters to help out with the build. Good times!

💗 Worm Love

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You don’t need a Clinton card day to show your loved ones you adore them, but with the big V day coming up we thought we would show you some love with a 10% discount code on everything in The Urban Worm shop. Use the voucher code 5hearts-24 when you check out. And, if you want to remind your worms that you love and appreciate them, melon rind sends them wild.

Growing Well

Growing Well in Kendal are going all out with the worms too. In December we supported the set up of a worm windrow system, and the worms have been so popular they’ve added a wheelie bin worm farm into the operation. Again, with the support from a team of Garden Organic Master Composters we converted an old bin they had knocking around. The Growing Well site at Low Sizergh is going to have some seriously fertile soil producing some seriously nutritious veg for the community, a rather fabulous start to the year we say.
All you need is worms...
Roe Baker, second left, with Anna
& the team at Growing Well
Just a theory, but after a decade in the industry we see that lovers of good soil have golden souls, and we are forever grateful to connect these wonderful people on our journey, thank you. Our work in Cumbria would not be possible without the tireless support from Cumbria Action For Sustainability (CAFS), and namely our worm champion Roe Baker, she needs a medal, thank you Roe. Cumbria haven’t seen the last of the worms yet…

One for the photo album

Alex, Bianca & Sarah at The Urban Worm HQ

Zero Waste Worms

The world of ecological business is driven by some very special passionate and committed individuals who make sacrifices beyond measure - it is by no means the easy path to pay the bills. Welcoming Shop Zero’s Sarah and her super lovely team for a worm workshop session at HQ totally brightened our day and was the perfect activity for wrapping up January. Shop Zero in Nottingham city is full of delightful ecological wares (Sarah has exquisite procurement taste) and we highly encourage you to pay a visit. Supporting independent businesses that value the earth is the path to an ecologically and socially just society.
That’s all friends, thank you as always for reading New Worm Order News. We will be back next month with more wormiful news.

Worms & Peace
Anna & The Urban Worm team