June 2024 edition

Dear Friends

Welcome to The Urban Worm newsletter, and thank you so much for joining us, for believing in the humble but mighty worm!

Welcome friends new and old to June’s New Worm Order News. Although the weather guys appear to have called off the summer we aim to bring a little light to you.

District Worm

If you are a regular reader of New Worm Order News you may well be aware that Newark & Sherwood District Council are fully fledged members of the New Worm Order. We are so grateful to have the support of the district, working in collaboration to make the magic happen. Thanks to Newark & Sherwood District Council worm bins are now back on the menu, with residents & businesses receiving a 15% discount off Wheelie Bin Worm Farms, forever. Historically we have always purchased second hand, transported and cleaned (we’ve seen some grime in our time) but with increasing costs we had to put a halt to this offering, as without hiking up the price for you the margins are tight. We are now once again able to bring new life to old wheelie bins destined for the shredder, which we know is exactly what the worms would want.
And, as if it couldn’t get any more wormiful in the district, Newark & Sherwood hosted an amazing day of DIY mini worm farms workshops for 60 new little worm guardians over the half term. Children adore worms, they intuitively know their value and are fascinated by their power. Sharing the magic with the children is an absolute joy, and vital for the new world. Thank you to everyone who joined us, you are the leaders of the worm farming revolution and we know your worms will be loved and cherished. Plus, worms are the lowest maintenance of pets for the little ones, they don’t want to be walked or petted, their food is free, and you get free fertiliser and compost as a thank you for keeping them alive. It really is a win-win.
Happy little worm farmers.
Sconce Park, Newark
A new worm guardian,
Sconce Park, Newark

Westfield's Got Worms

Exciting news for you this month friends, and news that should fill you with hope for a bright and promising future. A couple of months ago the sustainability team at Westfield Shopping Centre got in touch to collaborate on running vermicomposting trails using the waste material from their onsite WasteMaster machine by Green Technologies. The machine processes all the waste food from the centre's food outlets, and the waste material is currently sent to a biogas digester. Processing it through the worms will close the loop and keep the material for onsite use.

Although the trial has only been running a week the worms are going absolutely wild for the WasteMaster material, and in all honesty we have never seen them devour any other material quite like this. As part of the trial we have one 1100 litre worm farm at Westfield London and another at Westfield Stratford which has the addition of our inhouse probiotic ferment. On completion of the trial Westfield want to go large with the worms operating at full capacity at both sites.

The lovely Westfield Shopping Centre sustainability team, and below, the worms!
As you can imagine we are beyond excited about this collaboration as it paves the way for others to follow, the New Worm Order is on.

One For The Photo Album

Amala loves worms (and strawberries). Rather than having her face painted at the Book Worm Festival, she opted for this neat design instead.

Book Worm

A huge heart-felt thank you to Derby Book Festival’s Book Worm event hosted by Down To Earth Derby’s Electric Daisy, a truly blissful day attended by a group of very lovely people who showed the worms some serious love and appreciation. Give the children a pile of earth to explore and they are entertained for hours. In a world of distractions and big tech children are proof that at our core we just want to be close to the earth.

The Urban Worm Needs You!

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That’s a wrap for this month friends, thank you for reading and sticking with us, your support means everything. All power to the worm.

Worms & Peace
Anna & The Urban Worm team