May 2024 edition

Dear Friends

Welcome to The Urban Worm newsletter, and thank you so much for joining us, for believing in the humble but mighty worm!

The Worm Is Out

'Never underestimate the power of a few dedicated people' - Margaret Mead

We are feeling Margaret's sentiment right now as we beam with pride for our worm champion in the south Roma Williams. In 2021 Roma applied on behalf of Bridgemary Library in Gosport to be one our ‘1000 Worm Farmers’, a Reaching Communities-funded project, and since then she has been a powerful force bringing the magic of worms to other libraries in Hampshire. She is an absolute gem. As part of Hampshire’s Library Service Green and Thrifty Fortnight in February this year worm farm kits were sent to six libraries in Hampshire including Gosport Discovery Centre, Chandlers Ford, Totton, Hythe, Andover and Arlesford Library.

Libraries are vital resources for education and development, and to see so many libraries embracing the humble but mighty worm is nothing short of fabulous, thank you Roma, your service to the worms is commendable.

A Date With Electric Daisy

On the topic of books and worms we are excited to be heading to Down to Earth’s Electric Daisy this month for Derby Book Festival’s Bookworms. We will be bringing the joy and magic worms to the next generation of farmers. Join us on 30 May for some vermiculture in Derby - click the logo below for more details.
Our worm champion in the south, Roma Williams
Roma and her library team, with worms

Once in a lifetime

Something very special happened at Feel Good Garden’s last month, and on no lesser day than Earth Day - a blessing! We witnessed for the very first time a golden cocoon being birthed, on the table at the beginning on the talk, cosmic timing. We couldn’t be witness to the entirety of the event for obvious reasons but we captured some of the magic before letting the special moment happen in the comfort of the dark cool soil.

Thank you to Feel Good Garden’s for a lovely event, as always, and thank you to Lee, chief worm farmer onsite for doing a fine job of making the worms happy.
Visit Feel Good Gardens' website here >>>
Worm farmer Lee at Feel Good Gardens
A cocoon about to emerge from a tiger worm
Anna shares the worm magic

Listen to inspiring friends

We had the pleasure of talking to Samara Croci from the Sustainability@Work podcast a few months ago and it is now live and ready for you to take a listen. We connected with Samara last year after delivering a Lunch & Learn talk for NOTPLA, a revolutionary and totally inspirational seaweed packaging company based in London. Samara has now relocated to Italy and as Communications Manager for The Healthy Seas Foundation, another totally inspiring organisation working to clean the ocean and save marine life by recovering fishing nets and regenerating the yarn into materials for fashion and interior industries.
We are grateful to be connected and reminded of the forward thinking organisations taking practical action to restore our beautiful earth, which is at times too easy to forget when we become overwhelmed with bad news stories. There is peace in knowing there are hundreds of millions of worms being born every second creating new fertile earth, this is a certainty.
Watch the podcast video here >>>

One For The Photo Album

We love to hear about your worms so it was with great joy that we received a picture of this adorable poster from Mel from Cropwell Bishop Gardening Club. A few months back Mel came to a talk and was inspired to make a worm farm and her daughter and granddaughter made this very special poster. Thank you Mel for sharing, we love it!

Tied for first place in our arts and crafts heart this month was this wonderful montage below, spotted at Gosport Discovery Centre in Hampshire. Wormiful!

Worm Press

Although we no longer engage in social media (how did we find the time?!) it is always greatly appreciated when we get a little external PR so it was exciting to be included in May’s Country Living Magazine’s Eco Notes section.
And finally, the earthworm has been awarded Invertebrate of the Year by Guardian Readers. We personally feel invertebrate of the decade - or century - would be more appropriate, but it is wonderful news nonetheless. All power to the worm... and Guardian readers!

Guardian article here >>>
Thank you to all the worm champions out there for loving your worms and telling anyone who will listen (and those who don't!) how magnificent they are... you are changing the world.

Worms & Peace
Anna & The Urban Worm team