🌱 April 2024 edition

Dear Friends

Welcome to The Urban Worm newsletter, and thank you so much for joining us, for believing in the humble but mighty worm!

The light has finally arrived, the cocoons have hatched and it’s looking like a bumper crop of good earth ahead of us, in every sense.

Worm Safari

You can’t get better travel tourism than this... well, for the devoted worm lover at least. Last month we took another little trip across the channel to visit our friends at Worm Hotels, a year on since first connecting with co-founder Arie Machgeels van Ziel in Amsterdam who inspired us beyond belief. Since our first sighting of a Worm Hotel there has been little else we have been thinking or talking about, and if you have had a chat with us this past year we’ve been waxing lyrical about Worm Hotels, guaranteed.

As you all know your imagination is the only limitation to your worm farm creation; worms can live in luxurious abundance regardless of your budget, it’s all in the love and care. However, due to the fact that the tireless work of worms typically goes unnoticed we think making a spectacle of a worm farm is a rather good idea, and Worm Hotels do just that, amongst other magical things. The opportunity to connect with Worm Hoteliers on Worm Safari was a special experience, and a reminder of the power of individuals within communities to drive true ecological activism from the bottom up. In the spirit of community all Worm Hotel designs are open source, and we’re on a serious mission to bring them to the UK. Watch this space.

Wormenhotels in The Netherlands >>>
Anna inspects a community worm hotel in Delft
Martin (left) & Anna from The Urban Worm with Arie & worm hotelier Jac (right)
A worm hotel at the Botanical Gardens, Delft
Steve & Anna from The Urban Worm assist Arie at the Worm Hotel workshop in Rotterdam
"Bloom where you are planted" -
Anna with community worm hotelier Else

Alpacaly Ever After

The Lake District is starting to feel a little like our second home, and we always receive the warmest welcome. As we headed back up for some more worm action with the alpacas at Alpacaly Ever After, possibly our most charming clients yet. Alpacas are pretty special, they greet you by touching noses (adorable) and their poo can be used as a fertiliser without the need for pre-composting, just like a worm. Although the worms will certainly be sampling the gifts from the alpacas their main diet will comprise of scrapings and peelings from the on-site café. Progress comes from people working together and people open to change and new ideas. We are so grateful for the work of Cumbria Action for Sustainability (CAfS) for bringing another worm farm to the Lake District. We strongly advise a visit to Alpacaly Ever After, and aside from the lure of the lovely alpacas the shop and café are absolutely gorgeous, and the team are pretty special too.
Anna with Roe from CAfS, volunteers Lindsay & Sue, and Volunteer Coordinator Mel
Alpacaly Ever After website >>>

Egg Hunt

We are frequently asked if it’s okay to have slugs and woodlice, and other critters in the worm farm cohabiting with the worms, and the answer is absolutely yes, it is exactly what we want, diversity of species in the worm farm is a recipe for success. We’re in the business of breaking down organic waste and this is exactly what slugs and woodlice are up to too. The slime of a slug is teeming with digestive enzymes helping to break down organic matter, and woodlice are a bit like the worm as they like to hide away from the light, they need damp conditions to thrive, and they live off decaying plant material. Love all the life in your worm farm, every species has a gift to give.
(We do draw the line at the welcoming of rats. Rats are attracted to putrid waste and your worm farm should not be putrid. Although rats are very intelligent and we appreciate them greatly, we just don’t want them hanging around inside the worm farm hogging all the worm food and making a mess).

One For The Photo Album

Who hasn't found a few potato sprouts growing in their worm farm from time to time? At The Urban Worm workshop we recently had a lovely harvest of new potatoes and cooked up a delicious chippy dinner with our produce, nurtured by worms (healthy potato salads are also an option).
We hope you have all had the opportunity to take some R & R this Easter weekend and spend some Q time with your nearest and dearest. We are forever grateful for your support, thank you for joining the New Worm Order.

Worms & Peace
Anna & The Urban Worm team