🎄Seasonal edition 2023

Dear Friends

Welcome friends to December’s edition of New Worm Order News, we can hardly believe where the year has gone. Time must fly when you’re in the worm world!

With the Christmas season upon us we face the enduring pressure to consume like we’ve never consumed before, and spend money we don’t quite have. It has been a tough year, in every sense, and as a small social enterprise we have certainly felt the pinch as we all tighten our belts. Why not shop small, and shop eco? Below are some ideas to include worms in your gifting! We are so grateful for your kind words of support, workshop bookings, sales received, and new friends made - thank you. Every year we are thankful we are still here and able to share the worm love with the world, even if it sometimes feels like we are hanging on by our teeth! We couldn’t do it without you.

Shop Small

Sarah Maloy at Shop Zero
Supporting small independents is a powerful act for change, and even better if you are paying with cash. If you are based in Nottingham please do go and support our amazing friend Sarah Maloy at Shop Zero who has been tirelessly advocating for an ecologically just world for as long as we can remember. Sarah has exceedingly good taste and thus Shop Zero is brimming with the most delightful eco-wares, and naturally she is stocking our Magic Manure Brew Bags! Christmas shopping doesn’t have to cost the earth.
You can also find our Magic Manure wares at The Worm That Turned, another of our favourite family run businesses who have been long-time supporters of The Urban Worm.

As proponents of the teachings of Rudolf Steiner we are excited to be kicking off the season connecting with old friends whilst touting our worm wares at Iona Advent Fayre on the 2nd of December in Sneinton, Nottingham. And, for the ultimate zero miles Christmas gift we will be spreading the worm love at our HQ for the FarmEco Christmas Festive Fair on the 9th December. We look forward to seeing you, and of course we are on hand to offer any wormiful advice you may require!
For those of you who are doing a DIY Christmas and making your loved ones a worm farm (quite possibly the most eco of eco gifts ever) there is still plenty of time to shop online with us. If you need a reminder how to DIY we have some short but useful videos for you here.

A thank you to our subscribers

Get 30% off in our shop

We know times are tough for everyone this winter, so as a thank you for staying with our newsletter and to help potential worm farmers start their seasonal composting, we are pleased to give you this voucher code to use in The Urban Worm Shop, a one-time 30% discount off all products when you shop online before 1 January 2024

The Worm Farmer's Party

As friends of The Urban Worm you may know that we were invited to share our journey at the International Vermiculture Symposium last month in Florence, Italy, the most important date in a worm farmers calendar. We can now report that after overcoming a serious case of imposter syndrome we were received well, with many new friends made, and we got to hang out with some old friends too. The worm world is full of the most inspiring and dedicated people, and it is an honor to be part of this small but international team who understand the power of nature.
Star speakers at the Symposium!
The worms are certainly making waves, with the symposium boasting attendees from 41 countries over 6 continents, including 5 participants from the UK. We remain especially grateful to the Royal Horticultural Society who have been an invaluable support from the very beginning, and who supported our travel to Florence with the Coke Bursary Award - our participation would not be possible without them. We will be writing up a full report from the symposium in the coming months which will available from the RHS library but in the meantime you can get the low down here.

One for the photo album

Worms & Wine

If like us you have taken pity on the worms and moved them into the house to protect them from the chill you may be experiencing an undesired fruit fly infestation, much to the despair of loved ones. To tackle this challenge we keep a glass of red wine (no need for the best vintage) next to the worm farm and they swiftly flock to the bait. You can use apple cider vinegar too but we find they prefer a glass of red, which is totally understandable - we do too.
The last New Worm Order News of 2023! Thank you so much for your support, and for taking the time to read our newsletter, super grateful to all of our friends, home and away. We wish you a peaceful Christmas full of love, happiness, and worms!

Worms & Peace
Anna & The Urban Worm team